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Entyse, in the Ritz-Carlton, Tyson's Corner

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In the same space formerly occupied by the excellent Maestro, the promising Michel, and the disappointing America Eats Tavern, we now have Entyse....which is neither excellent, promising, nor disappointing.

I met a companion for lunch today, and it turned out to be OK. I ordered the 1700 Club, taking its name from the address of the place -- 1700 Tyson's Blvd. The sandwich itself was pretty good, riffing on the traditional club sandwich with the addition of a perfectly fried egg on top. Companion started with the crab and corn soup, to which he had to add about a teaspoon of pepper -- from a shaker. He continued on with the chopped salad topped with steak, which looked pretty good.

The biggest disappointment to me were the accompanying fries, some of which were crispy and some of which were mushy. I'm not sure how the combination of textures could come out in the same order.

The restaurant only had 3-4 tables with guests as of high noon.

I'll probably give it another try or two before giving up on the place. I wonder why this location is having trouble finding a long-term tenant.


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