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Scarlet Oak, New Jersey and K Streets, SE, in Navy Yard, by the owners of Southern Hospitality and Magnolia Kitchen and Bar

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I didn't see a thread for this place. Website link. I stopped in a couple of weeks ago for Sunday brunch before a Nats game. I'd passed it a bunch of times and never gone in. I enjoyed my $13 CHICKEN HAVARTI SANDWICH Grilled Chicken Breast / Havarti Cheese / Avocado / Lemon Aioli / Brioche Bun. It was a bit overstuffed, and I had to keep reconfiguring it,  but the ingredients all seemed high quality. It hit the spot and I would certainly order it again.

It seemed to be kind of a local for the 20 and 30-somethings living in the surrounding (mushrooming) population of apartments in the neighborhood. Service from the bartenders was friendly and relatively attentive, though they were clearly busy. I was not the only identifiable Nats fan, but the clientele mostly seemed to be young neighborhood residents out for brunch. Several of them knew the employees by name.



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I've been here a couple of times recently. The cheese fries are too gloppy and have both ranch and ketchup piped on 😦. That's been the only fail I've encountered, but cheese fries can never really be a fail. 

Their deviled eggs are awesome. Must order. Best I can recall having in a restaurant. They are set on top of pickled jalapenos, which strikes me more as a presentation thing than anything else but works. The confit wings (we got Buffalo) are excellent, but the blue cheese dressing for them has gorgonzola and was practically indistinguishable from the ranch. The Nicoise tuna lettuce wraps were good as nicoise salad and as a gluten free option (they have quite a few GF items flagged on the menu) but really are better eaten as salad than a wrap. Kind of a mess otherwise.

The tuna for those is listed as sushi grade and there are a number of sushi items listed on the brunch menu.

Still very pleasant, friendly service. Good neighborhood restaurant.

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We got their Moe's Pie Detroit Style pizza over the weekend (plus more of the awesome deviled eggs), and the pizza was good but just too gloppy and sloppy. Side Door Pizza, which is also stand alone, is the pizza wing of the restaurant, and I'd never ordered the pizza before.

I believe the only other place I've had Detroit style before is Della Barba, and they are rather parsimonious with toppings. That's good in the sense their pizzas are not gloppy. Their Detroit style is definitely correct in its construction but you don't end up bathing in it. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.


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