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Dog-Friendly Dinner Date in Reston/Herndon Area


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I'm looking for a restaurant for a dog-friendly dinner date (that's a date with my dog... Mrs DanCole42 is out of town). Can anyone recommend a place? Inside is preferred, but we can do a patio somewhere. The trick is... Rigby's a little skittish around crowds, so I'd prefer someplace quiet, e.g. Jackson's in Reston is probably a bit much for her.

Thoughts? Thanks!

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All depends on how much of a crowd you want and where you can sit to limit noise...Clyde's has plenty of outdoor seating but it is right off the new "grass" area by the pavilion at RTC.  Ted's Bulletin has several tables outside but it is next to the movie theater and the sidewalk narrow at that area.  I do not think NYAJs allows pets on their patio area, but that is pretty remote and quiet.  Kalypso's at Lake Anne always has dog friendly patio space as does the Lake Anne Coffee house and wine bar - that is probably your best bet as the patio small, but very quiet.  

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