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Marky’s Munchery
6555 Little River Turnpike
Alexandria, VA 22312

In the parking lot between Home Depot and We Care express detailing and car wash stnds a tiny food cart. Marky himself {at least I presume it to be him} runs a one man show here. Nothing special: Just dog and burgers and toppings from the local Restaurant Depot. $7.50 gets you a combo dog, a drink and a small bag of chips {crunchy Cheetos in my case.} I have been a couple of times since discovering it. Today I had a Tijuana style which is a bacon dog with sauteed onion & grilled jalapenos. Nicely spicy. The first dog was a bacon wrapped with mustart and onion. The guy is a riot and the food good: served with love. For little more than you would pay at the nearby 7-11 you can strike a blow for independently owned business. If you are anywhere near, it is worth a trip.

Plus they deliver on door dash

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I took our car in to be washed after our many trips to the garden stores and the Alexandria recycling depot for dirt, plants and leaf mulch/mould for our container garden. Our car wash/details guys are We Care in the Home Depot parking lot. There was a wait and the wash would take a half hour so I headed over to Marky's in the Home Depot parking lot.

Marky was cranking out 5 Philly steak sandwiches so I got a shady spot and waited for my chili cheese bacon dog. All the while, he was talking a mile a minute to his two customers who were waiting behind his bog order. Finally he plopped our bacon wrapped dogs on the grill and grilled the buns. The dog came covered in melted american cheese, good chili, grilled jalapenos, grilled onion and a big handful of broiled fries topped with seasoned salt. This is not gourmet foods. It all comes from Restaurant. You get a free drink with the combo and it was 7-11 brand water. The dog was so messy I had to eat most of the fries separately to get the mess folded in the bun. I think as much chili and cheese wound up on my hands as the dog. But none of it went to waste as I would have impressed Spot with my grooming technique. This was a street food dog at its finest. Thinking back on my Dog Haus dog, for far more money, this rocked. And Marky is Marky. One customer asked when he opened in the morning and he said "Depends on how hung over I am."

Having done this much damage to my diet and health, I was not done yet. The car has just been pulled in so I was going to sit for another half hour so a Philly steak seemed in order. As I ordered it, 5 George Mason "kids" acme in and 4 ordered Phillys and one a burger. So I got to see the Philly process from start to finish. Marky sliced onion and green peppers and cooked them to order. He grilled some large Jalapenos. One the veggies weer done, he tool layers of thin sliced steak from Restaurant Depot that are real rib eye, not SteakUmms. Not great rib eye but tasty. When the steak is sizzled a bit, he dumped green peppers and onions atop and then flipped them with his spatula, added more peppers and American cheese. The bread looks like a classic Philly roll, but again, it is Restaurant Depot. The bread gets grilled, spread with mayo, tomato & lettuce goes on top.then the bread is put on the meat pile. He then flips the mess into a tray, more french fried on top and seasoned salt. Where the dog is really good, this is amazing in a greasy way. Much messier but not hand and arm staining!

Now I was ready for a nap but I had a few hours of errands to finish. I had to take a nap when I got home!

If you are at the Home Depot at Little River and Backlick, and Marky is not too hungover GO! Your cardiologist needs the work!

You will not I did not take a picture of the sandwiches. First my hands would have been too messy and second, thos things need to be consumes as hot and fresh as possible. That is Marky and one of his major source of business, a Home Depot worker. Marky looks like he is hung over but not too hungover. And the greasy grill. The egg was destined for a burger with bacon, grilled onions and peppers, grilled jalapeno, cheese, fried egg and quote possibly chili. The next time I feel self destructive, that is my order. The Philly steak will come second! _copie-0_20200601_144124.jpg.da0f7c4806d7efbda157f132e08b91e9.jpg_copie-0_20200601_144130.jpg.c8c701def23764f24adc83bcde25d767.jpg

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