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Pom Pom - Chef Amanda Moll and GM-Owner Carlie Steiner's Whimsy-Inspired Restaurant in the Former Himitsu Space, Petworth

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4 hours ago, DonRocks said:

Has anyone been to the semi-reincarnation of Himitsu, Pom Pom?

Nov 12, 2019 - "Himitsu Is Now Pom Pom, a Restaurant Dedicated to 'Whimsy'" by Kate Stoltzfus on dcist.com

Yes, I ate there last week. In short, we had a very good meal, and enjoyed the experience very much. The great dishes were really great, but there were a couple of misses, that just didn't quite work out. Service was excellent (as expected given Carrie being there), and the wine list was very interesting. I'll go back. 

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