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Trager Brothers Coffee


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I've been a fan of these folks for several years:  https://www.tbcroasters.com. Their products used to be stocked by Whole Foods, specifically in Silver Spring, but were dropped for no good reason a while ago. WF told them they were located too far away, yet the same store stocks La Colombe, which is about the same distance away in Philadelphia. Trager Bros have 2 Virginia locations in Lovingston and Afton. Their coffee might still be on the shelves at MOMs markets but I haven't checked in a while. I've been ordering from their online store. My go-to is the whole-bean, dark espresso. It's one of my life's little pleasures to open a new bag and smell the freshly roasted, oily beans (yes, they are oily). If you give them a try, let me know what you think.

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This is interesting. Not familiar with Trager Bros. but I do buy coffee at WF. :)

In Old Town they carry a few verities from Ceremony, based in Annapolis, 32 miles away. (It’s excellent, BTW) in Pentagon City, they don’t carry Ceremony, but have many types of Commonwealth Joe coffee, based in Arlington. They also carry Mayorga, which is based somewhere in Maryland (Rockville, Silver Spring, or ??).

So I guess their excuse doesn’t really float, although their stock is “influenced” by locality. 

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