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I am fervent in doing anything I can to help. I wish there was more I can do.

Do whatever you can, within your means.

Purchase take out  DIRECTLY from businesses. Buy gift cards. Donate to relief funds. Buy whatever products they are offering. Offer cold hard cash if you can.

Share ways to contribute on on your social media channels. Spread the word.

This shut down, i fear will span much longer than anyone may anticipate, and unsure of what it will take to get back up to speed.



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Lanc.care  was created by Pennant Creatives, a creative agency based in Lancaster, to offer a one stop site listing several local businesses and services being offered. The hosting is offered at no charge. This is a brilliant way to see how you may be able to support local businesses. Each day, the list grows longer.  

We are all in to help,  together. 

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