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Custom Cocktails for the End Times - Chantal Tseng's Custom Cocktail Service

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Many DRers know Chantal Tseng and have enjoyed her cocktails. Enter Custom Cocktails for the End Times

Follow the links on her website to the Google Doc.

Provide her with a list (or photo) of the alcohol in your liquor cabinet (Liquor, wine, sherry, port, whatever you got)

Next provide information via check off boxes on what else you have at home (mixers, juices, bitters, tonic water, herbs, types of ice, stemware...the list is quite comprehensive)

Provide Chantal with some inspiration (a favorite poem or book or types of cocktails you enjoy)

Submit.  Wait about a week.  Chantal will contact you.  Send her $10 via Venmo or PayPal.

Chantal will then e-mail you a custom cocktail recipe (with detailed instructions) using the liquor and mixers you have on hand at home.

Easily one of the best $10 I've spent during the Era of Covid.  



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Haha, yes it will be interesting to see what you get back!

For inspiration, I said I was reading the new cookbook from the New Orleans-based Mosquito Supper Club.

Chantel produced a cocktail which was a riff on a Boulevardier that had spent too much time down in New Orleans. A Boulevardier is similar to a negroni, using bourbon instead of gin. She added some absinthe and sherry.  Including the bitters, 7 types of alcohol are in the cocktail, but it is nicely balanced.

If I saw this cocktail on a bar menu I would definitely order it. So she definitely knocked it out of the park on that! 

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We got two recipes from her today. I made the one for me, will make my wife’s tomorrow probably. But I loved, loved loved mine. Complex but straightforward to put together. The complexity came from adding cinnamon smoke to my glass ahead of time which I never would have thought of. The cocktail combined mezcal, amaro, sweet vermouth and sherry and I would order this over and over again in a bar. She nailed it. 

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