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Renting a Grill


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I've been given the responsibility of tracking down locations and prices for renting a barbecue grill (or two) for an end-of-summer party at the apartment complex I manage. I'm finding this to be a difficult task, as I have no idea where to start...any ideas/leads/etc.?

It's bring your own meat (we supply sides, drinks, and desserts), and I know just the place to get mine happy.gif

ETA: Oooooooh, I'm a clam! And so honored...

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You could check with the Just Ask Rental places, usually attached to Tru Value Hardware stores. There's one on Capitol Hill connected with Frager's Hardware on Penn. Ave.

Frager's Just Ask Rental

(202) 543-0100


1107 Pennsylvania Ave Se

Washington, DC 20003

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