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HELP! We need to find fresh calamari for a dinner we're having tomorrow night. Can anyone please suggest where to find in DC/MD today? We already tried Balducci's in Bethesda. Thanks.

Try asian grocery such as Han-Ah Reum, Grand Mart or Lotte. They carry fresh squids with good price.

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River Falls in Potomac (corner of River and Falls) and Upstream in Silver Spring (Georgia Ave just inside the Beltway) usually have fresh calamari. Not as cheap as the Asian grocery stores, but frequently much higher quality.

Thanks to all for suggestions. We ended up getting some at Balducci's. It was a frozen pack, but previously cleaned. Once thawed, it tasted fresh and worked great in the Babbo two-minute calamari, Sicilian lifeguard style. (which I highly recommend!)

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Sfoglina has a wonderful grilled calamari starter at the moment. Delicious! I have to admit, I think I only ever attempted to make any calamari at home once - it's one of the things I prefer to have someone else make for me in its various forms.

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