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Valet Parking During Lunch


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Let it snow!

I'm working with two clients that offer lunchtime Valet - Morton's in Reston and the Occidental Restaurant at 1475 Penn Ave. NW.

Do you know of other restaurants in the area that provide this service?

I am trying to figure out how typical this practice is in the greater Washington area...and if its a worthwhile practice?

Thanks for your input.


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ha - thanks much.

just you wait - i'll look into those shoe shining, dry cleaning, errand boy-esque services...now if there was a restaurant that offered that (metropolitan club anyone?), well i'd probably ask for order-in delivery service. and a massage therapist.

sorry got lost in a daydream for a second.

Appreciate the feedback.

on a sidenote, i didn't realize until today how difficult is to name a restaurant. unless you have children with fantastic names, of course, i find it quite a challenge.

I consulted on a 'naming/branding brainstorm' today and after 2 hours and 150+ ideas, my brain never turned off. I knew we were hitting the giddy point when "Relaxation Without Representation" and "The Freudian Slip" sounded good to us...nonetheless, if you ever need a couple of silly creative naming bandits, just holler.

And now i want to open a 9-hole luxury mini-golf bar and bistro named PAR...rooftop. 21+; half-enclosed. premium liquor signature drinks and a glorious american bistro menu. tables throughout but anyone can play through. Venture Capitolists, are you listening? Think Tiger is still in town? :o

Have a good one.

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