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Passover Seder Meals

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Felix in Adams Morgan used to have Passover seder meals. And this article references a few other Passover-type meals. http://www.washingtonwoman.com/html/passover.shtml

The Hill Havurah hosts a kosher seder meal - go to www.hillhavurah.org, or email laurie@hillhavurah.com. I think it's $35. It's nice and fun, an jovial group (some kids so bring tolerance). I believe this year it's being held at Christ Church on G Street SE.

But a passover meal at Rosa Mexicano might be interesting!

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The chef at Lavandou in Cleveland Park sent out an email on the CP listserve that he is taking orders for seder meals to go (to serve at your home) and he says he has lots of passover experience. Not sure the price or menu - I think he is willing to accomodate requests.

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Bebo is also adding a special Passover dinner all week, Monday through Monday:

Gelantine di Pesce

Poached Gelfite Fish in Saffron Gelee with Parsley Aioli and Fennel Salad

Sfoglietti con Ragu de Manzo

Sfoglietti in slow cooked Tomato, Beef & Porcini Mushroom Sauce

Merluzzo Agrodolce

Black Cod Poached in a Sweet & Sour Sauce with Tomato, Orange, Raisins and Sherry Vinegar

D'Angello Arrosto con Polenta de Matza

Roasted Baby Lamb stuffed with Artichokes & Fennel and Polenta Matza

Torta di Noce

Walnut Cake with Coffee Filling with Coconut Jam

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