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:oCongrats to the happy family from all of us!


Indeed, the bundle of joy arrived on Saturday night--his name is Dominik. I haven't adequately mastered the board to know how to include a pic attachment, but he has a full head of dark hair (my older son had a full head of red hair, which was a total surprise!) and, of course, I think he's adorable! All is generally good, but I'm sorry that he arrival has squelched my dining with Dr.com (in the short term!).

Please feel free to share my good news with others, and I look forward to coming out with you guys at some point over my maternity leave and introducing him!

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Thanks, Scott, for sharing the good news, and for the well wishes I received here and through PM.

Life is good with two, even if sleep feels like an elusive ideal...

Congrats! Babies ROCK! He'll eventually sleep through the night, and then you can get some sleep again for a few years--until he and his older brother are teenagers. Then you're up again at night, waiting for them to come home.

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