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Tapas in Reston


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Hello everyone and anyone... does anybody know about this place: http://www.zaytinya.com/ :blink:

I've heard from friends that it's the cats meow and quite delicious. Has anyone been here from Donrockwell.com?

I love Tapas and Mezes and other "finger dishes" or small appetizers or dips... but nothing overwhelming in size that I have to take some home. Personally I'd rather have a sampling of delicious appetizers either shared or solo depending on the size and type.

That being said - ALSO - does anyone know of any like this, in or near Reston within a 10 mi or so radius. (No not Alexandria or Leesburg that's a bit far when I want to stay more local.) I'd even settle for some places with interesting tasting menus as long as it's not very pricy. Feel free to share your ideas and suggestions with links or phone numbers PLEASE! Thanks.

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I've been to El Manatial in Reston and we actually did like the food alot. I will have to try that new Tavern on the Lake near Lake Anne next time we run out for a late lunch/early supper since they don't have early hours when I need them. If you hear of any others in the Sterling, Reston, Herndon area please let me know! Thanks everyone.

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