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Calendar Girl (or Guy!) Wanted


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Now that our beloved MBK is jetting off for the summer, we'll need someone to fill the considerable void. In fact what I'd really like is to beef up the calendar, and encourage restaurants to contact our New! Calendar! God-or-Goddess! with events they have coming up (nothing too self-promoting - I'm thinking maybe one event per month per restaurant or something like that but I'll come up with a hard-and-fast rule that will be fair to everyone).

The calendar doesn't really take much time, but to do it well - especially if it expands some - will require persistence and moxie. Anyone? PM me...

Also, I'll be looking for a new Forum Host for our Spanish Classifieds section, which has gotten so busy that I can no longer handle it myself.



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Say hello to our new Calendar Goddess.

(MBK we'll miss you when you're gone this summer. Hopefully you'll check in often, and there will always be a place waiting for you when you get back. Thank you for all your hard work, and bon voyage for now!)

Thanks, Don. I'll be checking in from time to time to see what's new here, and to report on my adventures across the pond.

And welcome to the fun, jblum!!

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