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Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix


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I got a frantic call from my sister; she’s asked me to come up with a kid-friendly, Harry Potter themed menu in time for the upcoming book and movie release.

I read the first two books years ago, prior to handing them over to my 9 y.o. niece, and haven’t bothered with the Hogwarts clan since: I have no idea what those little witches and wizards eat.

Any pre-teen party-food ideas or suggestions? My sister isn’t at all comfortable in the kitchen, but she is quite the expert with sprinkles and food coloring.

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Pumpkin seems to be the big treat in the books along with the Chocolate Frogs and butterbeer, the latter probably a butterscotch flavored drink that is served hot. There are probably cans of pumpkin in some supermarkets for muffins, pie or bread. Since the books are all set during the academic year and the movies and publications are during the summer break, you can sort of fudge what witches and warlocks eat during the summer.

Oh, there are villains called Death Eaters, so any clearly dead animal on a plate would be appropriate. Drinking a unicorn's blood is the height of evil, so maybe a punch made from sour cherries or watermelon served in a white, horned vessel.

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On July 20 and 21, the Dairy Godmother will be featuring (for the last time) "Dementor's Kiss" (a hauntingly deep blue flavor according to their website). They'll also have lightning bolt shaped cookies decorated with edible glitter.

Pumpkin juice is always a big deal as Anna Blume mentioned. A quick glance through a few of the books just shows that dinners at Hogwart's seems to feature favorite foods - Yorkshire pudding, sausages, chocolate pudding, pork chops, chicken, boiled potatoes, ham pie, etc. Nothing typically 'wizardly' - other than the sweets that Ol' Ironstomach mentioned. Not sure your sister wants a house full of kids hopped up on sugar - maybe she can do some fun kid foods with some creative names.

Or...better yet, check out this link for a list of sites with ideas for wizard-themed party ideas or for a list of Wizarding World Food and Drink- clickity ;) I even saw a recipe for butterbeer!

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As a Harry Potter fan, and a Nigella fan, I think I can recommend the following for your HP menu with a British cookery bent:

1. Baked ham and veal pasta from How To Eat p. 87 (This is basically ham and ground veal in a white sauce with penne or tube pasta; the ham pie that shows up at most Hogwart's meals and on many British school menus.)

2. Maybe green peas with onion and dill for veg. They never talk much about the vegetables, mostly because the books focus on what Harry and Ron choose. I would suggest brussels sprouts, but American kids are funny about those. Use your judgement on this.

3. A dessert of Fairy Cakes p. 448 would be perfect as they are cupcakes, with the word "fairy" in them. Plus you may add sprinkles if you like.

For pumpkin juice or butter beer, maybe cream soda would work.

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