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Wine Labeling Laws

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thanks, but that is a lot of useful information but the wrong type..

simply stated..

Oregon/ washington state label integrity

varietal % required

vintage % required

AVA % required

It appears to state, like California, that 75% must be what is on the label should be in the bottle.

Just curious, why are you asking this?

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thanks, but that is a lot of useful information but the wrong type..

Perhaps you'd like to rephrase your question if you didn't, in fact, mean to ask for the laws?

what are the Label integrity laws for Oregon and Washington state, with regards to...

Speaking as a non-lawyer, and in a manner not to be construed as legal advice, I would point out that the labeling laws of Oregon and Washington are remarkably readable and short on obfuscation, and address the question of varietal content about as concisely as you could hope for. There is no blivet answer, because the laws are construed along different lines than your question is. Oregon, for instance, generally requires 90% content for a single-varietal-named label, but in certain circumstances that percentage may be relaxed to 75% if other conditions are met (to include listing the other varietals involved). So an Oregon Chardonnay must be 90% Chardonnay grapes, but a Cabernet Sauvignon might be 75% CS and 25% Malbec, with disclosure in fine print.

And please stop quadruple spacing. Instructions for proper use here.

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