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Callaloo Cuisine, Broadlands - Closed.

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Hit up AF on Friday after a sloggingly stressful week at work. Nothing makes you feel warm and cozy after a week of mental cold and desolation like a flatbread with "Woodtrail Farm naturally raised Bluemont pork in a homemade, nitrate-free maple-fennel sausage baked with sundried tomatoes, caramelized onions, mushrooms, three cheeses and herbs."

Oh man, I'm ready to finally try AF. We're going to be going there next week with the out-of-town guests. Definitely we'll be getting a Punctuated Equilibrium pie.

We were actually in the AF plaza this past weekend. We had a nice meal at Callalloo Cuisine (I was pizza'ed out for the week or we would have gone to AF). Not blow your socks off great, but good and fairly priced. We also walked past the Thai place, Anothai. Anyone tried that one?

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