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Venison Recipe?


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Does anyone have a great venison recipe? I am looking for a simple marinade for a venison steak that I plan to grill. I usually make something up with whatever I have in the house (soy sauce, oj, etc.).

Thanks in advance.


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Since I noticed that some are still looking at this thread... here is what I ended up doing...


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Balsamic Vinegar

Fresh ginger

Lime juice and zest

Grilled for a very short while, the meat was tender and flavorful.

Even better... we had great leftovers. I think I like it as much when it is cold as hot off the grill.

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Have some venison ham steaks marinading in balsamic and red wine with some salt and pepper.  The ham steaks (backstraps) are normally what I kind of struggle with a bit.  Not that they are hard to use I just have to think about it.  Last time I just did salt, pepper and olive oil and had them with some nice mashed potatoes, but I only have two wee potatoes.  Maybe I will make a good steak sandwich.  Ground venison I use in just about anything in place of a lean ground beef.  I normally mostly get these two things as my brother always keeps the tenderloins and some of the other good stuff.  

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