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    Perfect, thanks! If I leave out the nuts do you think it will be ok? I don't remember nuts in this from my youth.
  2. LizH


    Does anyone have a good tsimmis recipe? I assume I just boil the carrots and Sweet potatoes and then bake, but I appreciate any tried and true variations. Thanks!
  3. I had the chance to go to both Againn and Birch and Barley in the past few weeks, and it was an interesting comparison. You can see my comments on Againn in its listing, but I left Birch and Barley wanting to go back (while I don't see myself going back to Againn until maybe next winter, if I am looking to fill up on some hearty food). I thought beer-wise, Birch and Barley wins hands down (it really isn't fair to compare). If you are a beer lover, I say try and avoid the crowds and go off hours for an great, wide selection. I like that they do half portions as I can't drink as much as I used to, but I liked being able to try different things. The waitress was very knowledgeable and it made for a fun evening of trying new beers. Food wise I look forward to coming back to B&B and I do hope that they do add some more spring items to the menu, as it was a hearty meal. We liked the flat breads (and they brought a complimentary one which was a nice touch- I am not sure if it was because of a delay or what). I had the braised pork cheeks and they were great. I couldn't finish, but was very happy to eat the leftovers the next day. A friend had the venison, which I found to be well seasoned and I would order it again for sure. I didn't taste it, but a friend has the bass and she did not seem to like it as much. Another friend had the burger and I wish I could have had a taste, as he seemed to enjoy it. I would be curious to try it next time, though I have the luck of having Rays the Classics near where I live, so I usually go there when I desire a burger. We ordered the brussels sprouts at both Againn and Birch and Barley and I thought B&B's were more subtle and interesting. Againn's were so rich, I only could eat a few bites. I guess what I would say I found interesting in comparing the two restaurants came down to subtlety in flavors. I found B&B did a better job there, while Againn was hearty without a break in the heaviness. Like Againn, we didn't make it to dessert, I honestly don't know how anyone does after eating all the rich food. I hope both restaurants add some lighter items to the menus. While not everyone is a vegetarian, it would have been nice to have some choices (neither restaurant had one on the entree menu). I would also note that both restaurants had oysters and my husband and friend ordered them at both restaurants, but I don't know if either stood out as fantastic compared to the other. So in the end, advantage Birch and Barley for more subtle flavors and great beers. Both had nice atmospheres, but I think B&B was more funky and comfortable, while Againn's was going for the more clubby downtown venue.
  4. After having my son a little over a year ago I have not had many opportunities to get to many new restaurants this past year or so, but in the past two weeks I have had the chance to try Againn and Birch and Barley. They both were similar, but I found the B&B to be the better of the two. I fount both to be the place to go for rich heavy food and I think both could maybe throw in a few lighter items to balance out the heavy ones. Most of the entrees chosen by my group at Againn fell on the heavy side, even my friend who had a "veggie" pie that they made for her said that it was pretty rich. There are very few vegetarian items on the menu (and none were entrees) and the pie was not on the menu, it was a special order. She liked the pie, but it would have been nice to have at least a choice. She did appreciate that they at least suggested making the vegetable pie for her. It seemed to be filled with the same roasted winter vegetables that we ordered as a side. They were great, but I was so filled up by my entree I couldn't finish them. I had the Braised Lamb, which I liked but I couldn't finish as it was too much of the same. Portions were huge, but between the beans and the lamb, I felt it needed a break in the flavor to appreciate the richness. My husband had the pork belly, which he liked. We couldn't make it to the desserts, as we all barely finished our entrees, so I can't comment (but how does anyone have room)? I only had one drink, as I was driving, but we did find the cocktails to be very interesting and a would recommend heading to the bar if that is your thing (as others have noted). I was surprised there were not more beers on the menu (since it was a gastro-pub), and would say beer-wise I would head to Birch and Barley first. I will post my thoughts on B&B on their listing, but to summarize, I thought that while both restaurants have very hearty menus, I found I left Againn wishing there was a few more subtle tastes along with the bold ones. I am curious if the restaurant will change their menu for spring and summer, as I couldn't imagine eating anything from that menu come July in DC. My biggest complaint of the night was that despite having a reservation we were not seated until 50 minutes after our reservation. While they did give us a complementary drink, I think the delay in sitting down to dinner made it even harder to eat such a heavy meal so late into the evening. We all had to rush home to babysitters and having to pay for almost an extra hour of babysitting kind of put a damper on the end of the evening as we all rushed home.
  5. I went with some friend on Saturday night. It seemed busy when we got there, and was a little quiet by the end. All in all everyone was happy. My friend had a very nice butternut squash soup that had nice spicing. I had a bib salad that I would not order again. It was a half a head of lettuce and a very bland dressing that had no flavor. We had some oysters, which were huge, and pretty good (only $2 each). My friend had the NY Strip (?) steak that was very well cooked (I just recently went to Ray's, which would still be my go-to place if I want steak, but it was very good). I had the Crab cake, which I enjoyed. It was on a bed of succotash, which was a little summery, but the cream in the sauce made it heavy enough for fall) Another friend had the Rabbit special and was happy with it. My only frustration is I would have ordered some entrees if they came with different sides, and I found others had great sides, but not the main that I would order. I guess I could have asked for my own combination, but I wanted to let the Chef decide, since it is his menu. Of the desserts, I would recommend the Chocolate bread pudding-- it was very tasty. We are happy to have a new independent restaurant, and the service was very attentive. It is a little pricier then my usual, but we are happy to have some more upscale places in the area. The salad was the only item that we didn't like. The menu seems to change often, and is not exactly what is on their web site, FYI.
  6. I saw this film when it was at SilverDocs in June. It was very interesting. The "zen" chef was facinating, he is really an interesting character. The film made me want to go home and bake bread, and I know nothing about baking bread.
  7. I can't help with Albany, but here is one for Saratoga: Eartha's Kitchen (518-583-0602). They are in a different location then when I was there, but they have been around for ages (15 plus years) and I always loved the food there when I lived there. As a student I only ate there when my parents visited though. There are alot of not so great restaurants in Saratoga though, beware. Oh, and DO go to the track come next August. It is a blast. Don't eat at any of their overpriced eateries, though breakfast at the track (when they practice the horses) is worth it for the view. We usually eat at the Nathan's stand and it leaves more money to loose at the track. I used to waitress at Bruno's pizza, but that was ages ago. They have new owners, so no word on if the food is still good, it is right by the race track. And drinks at Siro's after the track is a must, at least once.
  8. My husband and I just had a great visit to Montreal. We of course visited the wonderful Schwarz's- it was so good, we went again Monday and got some sandwiches to go. I need to figure out if I can get that smoked meat delivered to my Father back in the states, I think I would win the daughter of the year award if I could. We went to the "house of meat/pork"--Au Pied de Couchon- wow. We had the Au Pied de Couchon salad that my father-in-law loves, and it was a salad of meat (well, pork) and just enough greens to almost be an actual salad. My husband had the boudin tart with smoked foie gras, which was very good, but my Duck in the can (which includes a slab of foie gras) was beyond decadent. They open the can up and empty the contents onto your plate, it was a riot. I wanted to save my label, and they gave me a fresh one to remember my night of duck. The next night we went to l'Express, which is wonderful French bistro. It was very good for the money and I had a perfect steak frite. The bread basket was filled with wonderful bread that really reminded me of France. We had a lovely apple tartin that was just the right balance of sweet and tart. I found a lovely chocolate shop near our hotel, that was a great place to buy gifts: Les Chocolats de Chloe - 375 rue Roy East, Montreal We stayed at a great b&b (called Anne Ma Soeur Anne) right on St-Denis, that had a little mini-kitchen (with free coffee, juice, and water -and croissants in bag on our door each morning). Cheers.
  9. You are thinking of Kefa Cafe, which has a bit Gelato! sign 963 Bonifant St Silver Spring, MD 20910 (301) 589-9337 there is also Moorenko's, but I have never been: Moorenko's Ice Cream 8030 Georgia Ave Silver Spring,MD 20910 (301) 588-5656
  10. FYI, the Washington Post has an article posted, they are open again... http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...ml?hpid=artslot
  11. FYI, the Newseum's opening has been delayed. It will not open in October as planned, but a new opening date has not been announced yet. I hear the Source may still open in September though.
  12. I was sad to see an article in today's Washington Post that El Polo Rico was raided today: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...7071201963.html to quote from the article: Four members of a family that owns popular chicken restaurants in the Washington area were arrested by federal agents yesterday for knowingly employing illegal immigrants and laundering the money earned from that business, according to immigration officials. I am not sure what to say. On the one hand, it was the best chicken in the area. On the other hand, the money laundering (6 mil), if true, bothers me. I am not surprised that they had illegal immigrants, I am afraid that it happens often in the food business.
  13. interesting. I went a month or so ago and we were one of two tables, so maybe they don't have enough customers? We were there @ 1:00 on a Friday and I also thought they were closed, but the door was open and they said come on in. I did love that steak salad though, one of the best I have ever had.
  14. I walked by this place yesterday. Has anyone else tried it? it does not bode well that there hasn't been a review or mention of it since November...
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