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Silk Road, Leesburg - Closed.

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My first foray into Afghan cooking was a very pleasant one- if you are a fan of this type of food, I would love your opinion on Silk Road. there is a full review of my family's experience on my website (in my sig block) but in a nutshell I was truly delighted with the entire experience- from ambience to service, & the quality and presentation of the meals.

what impressed me most was the individual character of each dish- no two tasted alike. you can tell fresh herbs are used in the cooking, and the lamb stew- you had to scoop the meat of the triangular plate because it flaked apart at the touch of a fork.

I hope to hear from some of you who know this cuisine well, and can recommend other places to try superior Afghan cuisine.

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My husband and I ate at Silk Road this past Friday and we both loved everything!

They had a chicken with mushrooms in a cream sauce that was spot-on. They had a lamb dish with mixed spices that was very delicious (hubby felt it was a bit salty but I am a "salt monster" so don't ask me!) Potatoes, carrots and turnips were all made so nicely... the carrots were sweet like candy! I never ate turnips before and I loved these and went back for alot more and the potatoes were delicious with a tumeric or some kind of spice to them that was tasty. They serve baskets of hot focacchia style bread with toasted black and regular sesames on them - it was out of this world good!

They have an all you can eat buffet mon-friday - in my opinion they are surely worth the 20-30 min drive from Tysons and they are so easy to get to also.... there's another place nearby called Mariachi it's mexican it looks good too, we may try that next time.

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