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Edgewater Restaurant, Edgewater

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Talking with a co-worker of mine who lived in Edgewater, he said it's the Ray's the Steaks of crabcakes. You wouldn't think it's such a quality place at first glance, but it's supposed to be spectacular.

A work buddy of mine came back from the weekend raving about this place and I couldn't find a thread on it. Is it as good as he claims?

Couldn't find a website, but the vitals are here

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The only question, really, is domestic or imported crab meat? Even how a place answers is telling - if they know right off the bat, bonus points, even if it's imported. If they are sheepish or claim not to know, I'd say don't bother. If they use domestic, go immediately.

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Went to Edgewater this past Saturday.  What a throwback in time as the place is from the 50s.  My Wife and I both had a Jumbo lump Crabcake and they were terrific. Very little filler, if any, formed without braking the lumps and extremely tasty.

The Salad Bar and Potatoes were both old and tired. We think the baked potato was made the day before.

We live in Annapolis and this is one of the better crabcakes in town.  We both agreed we would call ahead and take out from here as opposed  to taking a seat back in time.

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