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Porter's, Downtown - Closed

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I was invited to attend an event for a political campaign at Porter's on Tuesday night. My initial plan was to have dinner at another restaurant and make my way to Porter's just for the event. My day conspired against me and I was not able to leave the office with any time to spare. I arrived at Porter's and walked upstairs to the event. Say what you will about the smoking ban, the smoke covered a multitude of olifactry sins in stairwells and dark corners of a number of places like Porter's.

No food was offered upstairs, so I made my way back through the offending stairwell and orderd a burger downstairs. My burger arrived precisely as requested, medium with blue cheese, bacon, sauteed mushrooms, and sauteed onions. It was good - not great - but certainly better than it needed to be. The fries were a waste of calories - flavorless, limp, and not particularly hot. The burger, however, was exceedingly satisfying and cheap too ($10 as ordered.)

I am loathe to berate an establishment that generally caters to a beer drinking, ball cap wearing, fresh-out of undergrad crowd for having bad wine, but yellow tail - really? The Pilsner Urquell was the best of the expected beers, and they were served promptly and politely by the very personable bartender, Mark.

Am I rushing back, no; but if I find myself craving a burger in that neighborhood I most likely would go again.

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Ah, Porter’s…the cure for what ails ya. I’ve had parties there, football drafts, etc., and always enjoyed myself, entirely due to the cheep beer and great friendly service. While it doesn’t promote itself as a sports bar (as far as I know) it works quite well in that capacity, with multiple TVs showing multiple games for your viewing pleasure.

And, when you go to the bathroom, beware of the urinal affectionately referred to as “The Moil” (tho some goyem in the bar mistakenly entitle it “The Rabbi”), because if you’re not careful, it will relieve you or more than just your foreskin.

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