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Fire Tragedies in the News


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Bad news for Utica, NY and Saranac enthusiasts.

And possibly many others. Matt has long been one of the most important contract brewers on the East Coast, and produces for dozens of small production brewers, including Brooklyn. Back in the '80s, Matt was the original contract brewer for Sam Adams. If their bottling line stays down for some time (and per the link above, Fred Matt thinks it's salvageable) presumably they'd have to tanker products to another bottler, if capacity can be found. I've never heard of that being done for a naturally carbonated beverage.

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That's really tragic. I had the pleasure of doing some work there about 10 years ago and it was really fun working in an antique kinda place. While well kept, it was definitely state of the art circa 1950 or so. Really nice people, though. I hope that they can come back quickly. This is a bad time of year to lose bottling capacity.

On the other hand, we were there in the Winter and I had never, up to that point in my life, had the experience of a small industrial town in Upstate New York in the middle of the winter. Come to think of it, I don't think that I had ever experienced Winter in any meaningful way. I didn't enjoy it. That place is cold as a wedge 24 hours a day.

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