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Yogun Fruz, Canadian Frozen Yogurt Chain

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thelistareyouonit had a report that Canadian chain Yogun Fruz is opening 16 stores in the DC area and the first one will open early next year. It also lists this address at the end of the report: 735 8th Street, NW. Here's a Washington Business Journal article with some more info, and an article on the Yogun Fruz site which says "Plans are underway to secure the area's first locations in Arlington, Alexandria, Chevy Chase, Fairfax, Tyson's Corner, Washington DC's East End, West End and Georgetown."

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Saw a sign that there's a Yogen Fruz coming to a spot on 14th St between H and I St.
This location opened as of this morning. One small, 6oz tart yogurt with 1 topping came to $3.80 ($2.95 + $.50 + tax). No mochi toppings yet. Other toppings are simliar to those offered by competitors. The gimmick here is their frozen blended yogurt, where they take nonfat vanilla, chocolate, or splenda-flavored vanilla that's been "dry-iced" or "super-iced," put it in their special machine with the topping (such as raspberry) and it's pumped out mixed together. The blended toppings are all frozen fruit. Blended prices are different, but forgot to write it down. They also have smoothies, dairy & non-dairy (using a pear sorbet), ranging from $3.75 to $5.95. I think the largest yogurt is $6.95 with the toppings included.

The Reston location opens Tuesday and the Tyson's location apparently opened already.

I found it interesting that the manager was trying to correct my pronounciation on lychee.

Out of all the tart yogurt places I've tried, this one ranks on the bottom of my list, comparing even to the Angelberry chain found on H St. I couldn't finish my 6oz with unripen mango topping. There is hardly any tartiness and the texture was off-putting to me, but ymmv.

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