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  1. Im really sorry for the bad experience. Please email me at amoosseb@gmail.com and I'll make sure we make up for the lousy dish.. I hope you have a great weekend.
  2. From the minute I realized that cooking was my calling, I’ve dreamed about the James Beard Foundation award. I have worked so hard in the last decade trying to get on a national stage and finally with the help of my amazing wife, I finally have an opportunity to get people to vote for my cuisine. Friends, I think about this award all day, everyday, I try and try harder everyday, and I have used every strength in my body, mind, and soul to reach the stars, but I need your support! You’ve all know my cuisine and have gotten to fall in love with the restaurant and the food truck, so now I only hu
  3. The fall menu is back and Im missing my DR crew! Stop by guys and check out the new menu and new look of Amoo's! See you all at my tables :-)
  4. Happy Thursday everyone! I am hiring all positions for Amoo's and the food truck so please, if you know anyone, have them contact me. Thanks, Chef Seb PS the Fall Menu will start this weekend :-)
  5. @JBag57, I helped them get started with with their weekend brunch, it was a temporary thing. Please stay tuned for Amoo's new brunch menu starting in few months. Thanks again, Chef Seb
  6. It was a pleasure! Sorry it took me so long to respond to your wonderful review. I really hope to see you again soon as it was a delightful experience to serve you. Thanks again, Chef Seb
  7. Im very glad you folks are coming in! Please ask for me when you come in so I can personally make sure your experience is a memorable one :-) Thank you again and looking forward to meeting you on Friday! Chef Seb
  8. Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween weekend and are getting ready for the holiday season heading towards us. I wanted to let everyone know, on November 20th, I will be hosting a Thanksgiving dinner event held at Amoo's. This event will feature a collaboration of Southern American comfort food and authentic Persian cooking. Dinner will be served in a prix fixe format consisting of a three course meal for only $40!! Please book your tables now as many of you know, Amoo's dining room is very small and can only accomodate up to forty five guests. You can make reser
  9. JDC and Tex Chef, Thank you so much for your visit and I am so glad you enjoyed your meal. I am a dreamer and my dream is to open restaurants all over the country and you never know. Your neck of the woods just might be the next spot I hit ;-) Once again, thank you so much for your visit and lookng forward to meeting you in the future. Chef Seb
  10. I have always had a dream to open a restaurant on a tropical white sandy beach town where the water is visible just from few feet, where the entire restaurant is open so people can feel that ocean breeze no matter which table they are sitting at. A place where the entire town goes and hangs out. This is a place where everyone knows each other, the bartenders, servers, and managers know the guests by their names. The sounds of the live band playing only enhances the experience. The signature cocktails are made from fresh fruits and wild caught fish and organic produce are brought in every morni
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