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Sushi King, Dobbin Road in Columbia

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We have an upcoming pre-Burn Before Reading dinner with another couple at this sushi joint in Columbia.

Has anyone been? Comments, recommendations, and warnings welcome.

Very good sushi at decent prices. Atmosphere is plain. Sister restaurant to Sushi Sono on the lakefront in downtown Columbia, which has tatami rooms, more atmosphere, etc. but the same decent prices and very good sushi.

They have a non-sushi menu, I believe, but I've never had anything from it.

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Good fish, eccentric service, elaborate overkill on the rolls.

I tried ordering the monkfish liver and after about 20 mins the waitress came back to say they were out even though it was written as a special on their chalkboard. We were dining early, so it's not as though they ran out 1/2 way through service. So I asked for the "BBQ Squid" from the specials board instead. 15 mins later the waitress came by to say they were out of that as well.

When the fish had an opportunity to shine, it was quite good. However we ordered the aptly named Explosion and the Samurai rolls which might have been good had they not been coated in a heavy layer of sauce that reminded me of thousand island dressing. They could have left the fish out of these rolls and they would have tasted the same.

Good sashimi. And I'd give 'em an A for effort. If you must dine in soul-sucking Columbia you could do a LOT worse.

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I agree on the rolls. For some reason, a lot of sushi places these days seem to think that making rolls that are as over the top as possible are what people want. Yuck. I generally stick to everything that does *not* come in a roll. Sorry you missed out on the monkfish liver, it's quite good.

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