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Sober Ride, available New Year's Eve 10 PM - 6 AM


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Has anyone ever used this? I always imagined long waits like when you are waiting for AAA.
Gotta believe waiting however long it takes for a free cab is better than spending the night in jail
Well, I can tell you that New Year's Eve was not the time to try out this program. I called at 1:27am for a ride and was a bit foolish to wait it out until 5:00am. Yep. But, I was having fun while I waited (amidst this silent panic, as it was after metro closed) , even after trying to call back, twice. The first time calling back at around 3am, I was on hold for at least 15minutes (after trying to call-in numerous times -- kept getting the busy signal), asked the receiver if I could get a status update, was mumbled a DC cab number and then hung-up on. While finally reaching the cab company, they punted me back to SoberRide and then this oh-so-fast click occurred, leaving me wondering what the receiver even said. So, I thought I would wait a bit more. The second time I called, again, it took awhile to call in, followed by the music and waiting, and then, I tried to put in a new request. Apparently, I got the person who took my original request, as he said rather curtly, in a not-so-nice way, "Oh no, I am *not* putting in a second request." To which I asked if he could check on my request's status, he replied, you need to call the cab company, and the phone went silent. Without a cab number.

So, take it what you will, and your experience may be better on a not-so-busy day. But mine was more than a bit deterring, to say the least. I ended up paying cab fare.

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I'll second this account. For the past few years that Sober Ride has been available (at least since I moved back to the area in 2005) the experience is less than stellar. Long waits, uncooperative cab companies, rude phone people, etc. It is a good idea on paper, but unfortunately no one really cares enough to make it a good experience. I'd rather pay for a cab and get somewhat reliable service.

In my book, Sober Ride is a monumental FAIL each and every holiday.

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That's why it's called Sober Ride: By the time you realize they aren't coming, and get in your car to drive home, you're sober.

I like the idea of Soba Ride. They don't actually take you anywhere, but instead drive by and hand you a cup of noodles.

Or maybe Sew Bride, a seamstress-based plumber-like emergency service that shows up at weddings whenever there's a run in a stocking, a torn gown, or a blotted veil.

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