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Chefs At The National Book Festival


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in the doctorow line, they said that giada was even more beautiful, and smaller than she looks on television. my wife was pissed when she found out she had missed one of her all-time food channel favorites because we were waiting forever in the tom wolfe line to get a signature on bonfire of the vanities. tom takes about as long signing one book as he does tying his bowtie, so about a hundred feet away was as close as we finally got.

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For all you Giada fans :lol: who missed your chance to see her in the flesh at the Book Festival, here's another chance:


Make fantastic dishes in a flash with Food Network star Giada’s debut book Everyday Italian—a creative chronicle of easy-to-make recipes. Drawing from culinary influences of her native Rome, Giada offers 125 simple, accessible dishes in this mouthwatering premiere.

Monday, October 24

5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Sur La Table, Arlington

1101 South Joyce Street, Suite B-20, Arlington

Come in or call 703.414.3580 to reserve your book.

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