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Need Quiet Dining Room on a Thursday Night


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So I've got a lovely, very nice professor coming into town in a few weeks to speak at a very important function. I've already screwed up and failed to get him in the Hotel George by booking too late and I've had to substitute the Hotel Monaco.

Now he's asked me to make reservations at LaColline for 6 people for dinner.


I need alternatives to offer him when I break the bad news.

He dined at La Colline with this same group 2 years ago. I think they liked it becaues it was quiet and they got to play host without it being too crowded.

So I need a quiet dining room on Thursday night around 8:15. I thought about Bis but it never really feels quiet to me.

Should I have them go to Corduroy?


I wouldn't say money is no object (no Citronelle...) but we can afford to spend a bit on this, even after I upgraded him to a suite to make up for the hotel change.

The talk is on the Hill and the hotel is Penn Quarter--no car so they'll be a smidge limited in geography.

Any ideas?



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Montmartre? French, on the Hill, cozy.

I don't think it's the best Indian Food in the city -- though I think it is very good Indian Food -- but the Bombay Club oozes subdued elegance.

If you don't think Bis is ever really quiet, I'm having a hard time picturing anything on Penn Quarter that will do -- maybe one of those rooms in Zola? Or Paradou?

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