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Dominic's Pizza, New Hampshire Avenue in Colesville - Decades-old Pizza Joint (Was Gus's, Previously La Valencia) in Meadowood Shopping Center

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Every Achilles has his heel, and my reputation-destroyer is Dominic's.

Dominic's has been around forever, in various guises. Thirty years ago it was called Gus's, and before that it was called Valencia. Despite a couple ownership changes over the decades, one thing has remained constant: the pizza oven. It's a good, hot, 1960s-era oven that gives off the loveliest of golden chars to the crust, and that crust is the only rational reason to get carryout from this dive.

Let's hold no illusions about Dominic's: Other than the oven, this place is nothing more than an outsized Sysco truck with Maryland Lottery TVs attached to it. And yet, there's something about the way they blend the toppings on a Medium Original ($13.95) that makes the whole thing come into harmonious bliss. Make sure to get a medium (which is rectangular) "original" (which comes with pepperoni, sausage, Canadian bacon, green peppers, and onions). Don't nibble; fold the pieces in half and scarf them down with an ice cold Bud Lite.

You won't thank me, I promise - but it will at least make me appear flawed and human in your sympathetic eyes.


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Dominick's has been one of my guilty pleasure spots for a while now but today's meal brought things to a new low. It seems that in the world or food by sysco/restaurant depot etc, they have stepped down a level to a totally flavorless commercial product. What that meat ball, pepperone or sausage on my pizza. You used to be able to tell: pepperoni was salty and a little hot & greasy, sausage was salty & a little greasy and the meatball was a little bit beefy. But no more. Sure you can tell them apart because of color and shape, but that is cheating. Too bad because there was nothing better than a medium original washed down by a bud draft while listening to the old guys bs at lunch. The old guys bs'ing at lunch is still the same. Sort of like a liar's bench in small town Tennessee but a lot closer. Too bad.

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