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South Mountain Creamery "Cow Caper Festival"


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This is a very fun event. I've taken my son before and we both had a great time.
It was indeed a lot of fun, with the warm weather bringing out lots of families and happy faces with various colored ice cream beards or mustaches. Thanks to Don for suggesting a great place that gebaby could explore and exert his toddler energy. There were hay rides, carriage rides, calf feeding and petting areas, egg hatching watching shed, a makeshift tube slide atop of a haystack tower that kids loved climbing on, a gravel pile with plenty of trucks and tractors to play with, as well as tractors to sit on, a corn shucking machine, and an old-fashioned ice cream churner that kids can take turns cranking.

Food-wise, there was a fantastic customized-omelette station for $6 with fresh farm eggs, and a pit beef or pulled pork sandwich for $5 or combo of $8 for sandwich, fries and drink. Fries were $3 for hand-cut, thick ones that were pretty decent, and hot dogs and hamburgers available. Also on hand were organic granolas from another vendor for $6-7, cheese and milk samples, and the best fresh-squeezed, all-natural, no-sugar-added orange juice I've had in awhile sample by Natalie's Orchid Island (gebaby had 3 of the mini-jugs they handed out). There was South Mountain Creamery ice cream from the truck or the convenience store across the way. Plenty of seating to eat food. Line to get food was long.

If you do go, there isn't a soap dispenser. There is a washing station and plenty of hand sanitizer. So, bring wipes of some sort. Continues tomorrow from 10am-5pm, I believe.

Shots of the farm:

post-2127-1240705409_thumb.jpg post-2127-1240705454_thumb.jpg

Natalie's Orchid Island Juices (available at TJ and Wegman's as the generic brown cap):


Free-range Chicken:


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