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Shawarma King, Columbia Road - One of Two Shawarma Spots Fighting for Adams Morgan Supremacy - Closed

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Thanks for the review, I've wondered about that place on 18th. Also wondered about Shawarma King on Columbia Road... up near the Safeway. Anyone been?

I went back in January soon after they opened. I was rather pleased with the Shawarma, but thought the service set up was slow and inefficient. Certainly a lot of potential there. It's good to have some competition in the neighborhood.

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I've stopped in a few times, and I think the best thing about the place are the husband and wife owners, who clearly take a great deal of pride in their restaurant and recipes. Early on, they forced a free falafel ball on me as I was waiting for my chicken shawarma. They say they import their spices from Palestine, and indeed the falafel is incredibly tasty with a really unique flavor. However, a subsequent falafel sandwich showed that, while excellent on its own, the falafel's spicing is aggressive enough to fight with the flavors of their toppings. The chicken shawarma was unremarkable, but fine. All of the sandwiches are finished in a panini press, which allows the flavors to meld and helps everything stick together, but I've also detected a strange bitter flavor in all the sandwiches I've had, which I haven't yet been able to track to a single topping.

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