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Frank Bruni Steps Down As NYT Restaurant Critic


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For what it's worth, Eater, the NY dining scene website, has placed 5-1 odds on our very own Tom Sietsema replacing Bruni. Only two candidates have higher odds in their baseless speculation. . .
The New York Times and their readers may not be ready for his variety of award winning hypnotic 2-tone prose.
What resembles dull yellow mush, for instance, might be a tongue-teasing haleem. 5/17/09

A daisy chain of pickled cucumber and a tongue-teasing clear dip...12/21/08

...set on a summery bed of beans and tongue-teasing chorizo...10/12/08

And a plate of tender sauteed shrimp with tongue-teasing grits. 4/09/08

...with a dab of tongue-teasing romesco 4/01/07

Stoked with habenero peppers, it is pretty hot, leaving a tongue-teasing trail in its wake. 10/28/94

...and the cloying pad Thai noodles that escort a main course...12/30/07

A whole ear of corn and a cake of potato salad escort the grilled-then-roasted half-chicken...10/21/07

And perfectly cooked tilefish gets an elegant escort of diced lobster,...6/18/06

Spice-fragrant carrot cake gets an escort of coconut sorbet. 4/30/06

Herb-paved salmon comes with escorts that bite and soothe:...12/11/05

...but not from the dull clump of chard that serves as an escort. 10/02/05

Panna cotta flavored with buttermilk is first-rate, however, as is its escort of sour cherry sorbet. 9/18/05

...all treated to fresh, seasonal vegetable escorts...2/97

Mornings, the 40-minute trip gets an escort of rolling hills...(whatever that means) 11/25/94

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