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The Butcher's Block, Old Town Alexandria - Closing June 28, 2014

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I'm always blown away by how good the meats in the refrigerator case look. Today I got one of their prosciutto sandwiches with cornichons and mustard. I understand how that works on a charcuterie board. But if I ever order it again, I will be sure to request both on the side because OMG it was a bit like eating a salty mustard sandwich with some bits of membrane that had to be pulled at. At $8 it was a bit of a lean sandwich, but the French bread it was on was much better than most you would get this meat on.

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Escoffier and I became almost regulars for this store. We don't buy a lot here but always stop by and say hello to the manager Salena Zellers whenever we eat at Brabo restaurant or the tasting room. It is close to my house and has friendly service as well as quality products. I purchased cured meats, cheeses and wines and all of them were wonderful. I used to go to Balducci's to get slices of serrano ham but not any more.

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