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President Obama at Dairy Godmother


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It's all over the internet. Congratulations, Liz! :D

The Dairy Godmother discussion thread is here, and their website is here.

A friend of mine missed him by only a few minutes - here's a picture she took (journalists, please don't reproduce this without proper reference):

It was a fun experience and a real rush for my super-hardworking staff.

They were just a very nice family. Obama said he was trying to butter up his kids because tomorrow was Father's Day and he was hoping for some good stuff.

I have to wonder what this means for my business. We have all heard about how crazy Hell Burger is now. It's a mixed blessing for sure, but a blessing nonetheless.

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I was having lunch with some friends in Pentagon Row, went bowling, then we decided to go to Dairy Godmother around 6 [thankfully, not much of a line then]. Had no idea about the world's most famous White Sox fan visiting my neighborhood today. Oh well. Too bad it'll be packed for awhile.

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The fact that the Prez is dining around is encouraging for local restaurants. He is promoting dining out and that's a good thing for restaurants and our local economy :D !

I couldn't agree more. It's one thing to talk, but it's both unusual and wonderful to see a politician follow it up with walk. Here's hoping we can get into our favorite restaurants in Del Ray over the next month. Thank goodness it's close enough that we can walk - parking may be tough for a while.

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