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Beer Crawl on a Saturday afternoon?


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A buddy wants to go beer hopping on an upcoming Saturday afternoon from Glover Park around lunchtime and culminating at Nationals Park around 7. Included in there (I hope and pray) will be lunch and dinner. Looking for any place roughly on that footpath that serves good microbrew and imported beer. A surprising number of places are closed during the day, like Brasserie Beck.


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Breadsoda to start. (sure i'm biased since I put together the tap list, but I still think it's the best spot in glover park for beer)

Not sure when the Birreria opens on Saturdays, but if it's open, that should be stop #2.

I know people hate on it, but Kramerbooks has some good taps and they're open all day.

Commonwealth is another good option that's open all day, albeit a bit further north than you want to be heading.

And then definitely Belga right when they open at 5:30 for dinner, more beer.

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The Capitol Lounge on the Hill now has an extensive beer selection...roughly a dozen on tap and 30 or so by bottle.

The semi-secret back deck at the Big Hunt would be a great spot for afternoon beers today, and it's just down from Kramerbooks. Or reverse the order and from Kramer you could head down towards U st area (stop at St. Ex) and then go by the Saloon. If U St was the last stop on the tour you'd be right at the green line for a straight metro ride to the stadium...



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