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The Reserve, 14th & L Streets Downtown - Closed

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It looks like Ollie's on L St. is no longer. They "closed for renovations" a few weeks ago but yesterday there were signs in the windows for a new place whose name I can't recall. But its menu promises "tapas" with no recognizable theme. Based on the logo and signage my guess is that it will be "upscale" probably catering to the clientele of the new lounges like Josephine that are cropping up in the neighborhood.

after a couple of wickedly strong vodka sodas at post pub the other day, i strolled out and noticed the sign. it's to be called The Reserve. fwiw, i'm not particularly hopeful.

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In case anyone is wondering (or cares), The Reserve is now open and has been bustling for a couple weeks now. I stopped by the maitre d' stand out front to take a gander at the menu and I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw (expectations were very low, however). I will note that most items are in the $11-16 range, which doesn't seem bad but for the caveat at the top of the menu which reads (not verbatim):

"All items are small plates, and each person should order 2-3 plates" or something along those lines.

So, if you go here, you might think you can get off easy ordering a glass of wine and getting a relatively cheap dinner at $11-16 per entree, when in reality you will probably have to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $30-45 on food if you are looking to have a full meal. With that being said, I'm going to wait until I hear some reviews on here or elsehwere to give this place a go.

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