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  1. is it spring yet? well, perhaps we're shy of the vernal equinox, but one thing is clear: shad roe has arrived on the lunch menu. it's sprinkled with pistachios -- a nice touch. my first of the season and it's as divine as ever. get there!
  2. after a couple of wickedly strong vodka sodas at post pub the other day, i strolled out and noticed the sign. it's to be called The Reserve. fwiw, i'm not particularly hopeful.
  3. sorry, i couldn't resist ... Sometimes you're better off dead There's gun in your hand and it's pointing at your head You think you're mad, too unstable Kicking in chairs and knocking down tables In a restaurant in a West End town Call the police, there's a madman around Running down underground to a dive bar In a West End town
  4. certainly -- dani's a consummate professional.
  5. if i may intrude, i'd suggest scheduling this in the very near future as the exec has given notice. apologies if this violates DR code. salud, -chris.
  6. perhaps just for late summer, i cannot say fersure, but the bar menu is now half-priced from 3-6p (and has been revamped). note that this excludes the pork-lobster-foie dumplings [WTF!] and the cheese plate with humboldt fog. this is all well and good, but i already miss that shrimp quesadilla. it just wasn't the same yesterday while taking in another drubbing by tricolors (mex2-1usa).
  7. this one always slays me, but do you blame the establishment or the sign-maker (or both)? it's on the 1900 block of L street (north side): Authentic Asian Cousin [sic]
  8. it's been a few moons since i've been there, but as i recall, it is half-priced oysters 'tween 3 and 6p. no other food or beverage specials. that said, there are usually 8-10 "varieties" to choose and kumos are not uncommon. show your face more than a few times between lunar cycles and you'll surely get some love (at the bar, at least). say hi to fluffy.
  9. had a very nice lunch at -- and pleasant chat with -- kaz today. should you be wont to try kindai, farm-raised bluefin from the egg, he expects to receive his first delivery some time next week. kanpai, -chris. A More Sustainable Tuna? Japan's Kindai Bluefin Arrives in Virginia Wednesday, March 11, 2009 http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...9031000677.html
  10. quite the thoughtful post, rocks. if i can gush, hollie wong, the proprietor, was kind enough to let me have my wedding reception here many, many moons ago. we combined her fare with yanyu's and a portable sushi bar. i've always found it a truly transportive, special place. be good, -chris.
  11. if you dig the autumnal pacific saury (sanma), it's on the menu for another month or so. flown in fresh, it's grilled whole, guts and all (as it should), served with lemon and grated daikon. it's beautiful. fwiw, newt gingrich was walking out as we were coming in last night. didn't spoil my meal.
  12. fair warning: i've been known to throw more than a few back with one of the owners, so this likely won't be the most objective take. overall, methinks it's a very nice addition to the 'hood. it's a gorgeously appointed space. can certainly recommend the fried oysters over ratatouille (although i would've preferred a few additional shakes of salt in the batter) and cream of tomato soup with roasted crawfish. to be fair, the panzanella was awful -- a deconstructed bowl of whole romaine and basil leaves, bland tomatoes, and even "blander" bread. barely a whiff of olive oil. bad enough i'd almost argue that the kitchen forgot to dress and season the salad. slightly stunned that there are no bubbles (bottles or btg) on the wine list; seems real estate is limited behind the bar. i'd return to try the white bean veloute and gnocchi. both were 86'd by the time of our late-evening seating.
  13. i dig peter pastan and have logged many an hour on seat H -- far-left bar stool -- but yeah, the uncomfortableness is most assuredly on purpose (read: turns). same reason there's no piped-in jazz or effort to dim the din. but as you alluded, it's a small price to pay to watch scott plate the small plates. he's a sweetie. has anyone had the cold smoked salmon bagel on sunday? ask nicely during the week and he might serve you a few slices of lox. it's divine.
  14. fwiw, i just got invited to the semi-soft (half-priced) opening this week. any idea who's manning the stove?
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