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Looking for Really Good Mangos


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I'm going to make Alinea's mango/cucumber/aromatics dish...one of the few that looks doable by me.

I wish I could help you. I really do. :rolleyes:

But I have a few friends from India who usually hook me up with the best I have found in this area. They know what to look for in the Asian and Indian markets, and they snag a couple extra for me each time they go.

As another option, though, I know someone who goes to a top-notch Thai restaurant and buys a few from their exceptional stock.

Best wishes for your dish.

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I generally find that the champagne mangos found at Asian grocery stores are much sweeter and less fibrous than the larger ones you see at American grocery stores. The champagne mangoes are a deep golden yellow when ripe and very fragrant.

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Thanks all.

An update. I bought a couple of crappy ones at Giant :hangshead:

The recipe I made was cucumber/mango/several aromatics see Carol Blymire's post http://alineaathome.typepad.com/alinea_at_home/2009/03/cucumber-mango-several-aromatics.html

While they were meh mangos, I'm not sure the leather is worth making. I'm going to try the recipe again with :shhhhh: mango leather from Trader Joes and see what happens.

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