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Frisco Grille and Cantina, Stanford Blvd. in Columbia

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The news at Frisco Grille is that they're going to expand -- doubling in size and increasing the number of taps from 20 to 40, as reported on the Baltimore Beer Guy blog.

The Baltimore Beer Guy also tipped me to Frisco Grille's secret menu back when I was bemoaning the fact that Hunan Legend's secret menu wasn't a secret anymore. To truly parallel the Chinese "secret" menu at Hunan Legend, Frisco's menu would only be readable by people with a slight beer buzz. But Frisco's "secret" menu is actually handed to everyone as a little sheet titled "adaptions and new items." Anyone can ask for specials like buffalo chili and a flank steak sandwich with chipotle barbeque sauce, sriracha sauce, avocado and goat cheese.

I have had Gus' Green Tacos -- firm white fish sauted in a mixture of tomatillo sauce and the house-made green hot sauce. It's a nice taco, and I especially liked the mango salsa on the side. I always love food that surprises me. I don't know that I would have ordered tacos with a creamy sauce lined across them. But Gus' Green Tacos had a really nice balance -- little

creamy, little lime-sour and just enough heat to be refreshing. That's a nice addition to a restaurant that serves a southwestern menu with highlights in the burritos and the pub items like onion rings and a unique spicy mustard. The food compliments a beer selection that is more curated than just selected and aimed to please beer aficiandos.

Most of the Frisco Grille secret menu is modifications of the regular menu, and they warn that they're mostly served spicy. I doubt they're hitting the heights of, say, Korean food, but that Adam Bowl lists chipotle, two hot sauces and spicy mustard in a single dish.

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Went here last night. Beer list is a nice draw, seemed like they have about 40 on tap ( I didn't even bother to look at the bottle list), but the food leaves something to be desired. Mahi mahi tacos as an app were actually tasty. We ordered them spicy, an option for the various meat dishes and they came with a tasty sauce and a mango salsa. The problem was that we got 2 tacos, each with about an ounce or an ounce and a half of fish for $9.95. It was a total rip-off. For entrees, a friend had mussels with chorizo, which was an over-salted over-spiced mess. I had the ancho strip steak with a smoky-beer sauce, risotto cake, and sauteed spinach. The steak was cooked perfectly (I ordered it medium rare) and the spinach was good, but the sauce was a smoky mess and the risotto cake, I don't even know where to start. It was supposed to be a cake with a crispy fried outside. Instead, I got a thin pancake of mush that tasted like it was about a week old and had been reheated multiple times in the microwave. It was total garbage. The scary part is that for $5 you can get 2 of them as an appetizer.

We happened to still be there when trivia started so we stayed and played and throughout the night had a few really good beers on draft. I would definitely go back for those reasons, and I *might* consider ordering a burger and fries given how well my meat was cooked, but otherwise, I'll be skipping the food.

Service was friendly and for the most part efficient as well.

I'd say if you're in the area and looking to drink some beer, it's worth stopping, but I wouldn't make a special trip, especially since Victoria's, who serves much better food and has a better ambience imo (and isn't as loud) is not that far up the road.

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Is this the same place -- http://www.friscogrille.com/index.php ???

Went here maybe a few months ago. It's not bad on the food front. Parking is awful as it is in the middle of a semi industrial area. But the beers on tap and beers on the list is, um, extensive! I like beer, but after I have more than one or two, even without food, I am pretty much done. But if you love beer and can drink a lot of it, you might want to check it out.

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