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Sorrento Grill, Middle-Eastern, Iraqi, and Armenian Food Counter in Village Center at Dulles - Herndon

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Ashburn area restaurants? Does anyone have any recent ideas for restaurants serving good, fresh food--other than

the usual chains in Ashburn/Dulles/Sterling area? Need something that is not more than

$15. an entree (moderately priced and not too fancy). Thank you.

Check out Sorrento Grill on Waxpool Rd. Despite the name, it's not Italian. It's more of a pan-mediterranean kind of place. The food is good and fresh and pretty cheap.

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A delectable lunch was had at the Herndon Watchtower location today. This is a lunch counter type pf place with a large menu overhead to select from. I had the chicken and lamb kabob meal, which comes with rice and some grilled veggies (zucchini and tomatoes), and plenty of fresh pits bread with a yogurt-spice dip. The meal, at $16.99, was enough for more than one person.

I didn't ask specifically the nationality of the offerings, but it looks a bit like a fusion of Armenian, Iraqi and Persian food. Halal meat, no alcohol.

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