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Mazadar (Formerly Mazadar Kabob), Afghan and Persian in West Fairfax

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Disclaimer: My wife and I were REALLY hungry, so just about anything would have tasted good.

Having said that, we really enjoyed a take-out order from Mazadar Kabob last night. I went simple with the chicken kabob and the wife had the eggplant stew. She couldn't stop saying, "Mmmmmmmmmm," and I thought my kabobs stacked up well against others. Entrees come with a little salad and bread. That green sauce was spicier here than other places I've had it. We also had the Paneer Sabzi appetizer. The herbs were very fresh.

My wife picked up the order and mentioned the impressive decor inside. Their facebook page has a few pictures.

This place is in that little shopping center on 29 just west of Wegmans.

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Made a second visit for carry out. This time I ordered the spicy kubideh. They say they grind their own meat. The main problem is it wasn't spicy...at all. They either messed up the order, assumed I really didn't want spicy even though I said spicy, or simply don't make a spicy kabob despite giving that option. That left the kubideh fairly flavorless. But, the sauces were still good. I wish the saffron rice was a little more saffron-y.

So, second visit not as good as the first. It is a pretty nice dining room, though. And a very empty dining room. The owner (I assume) said they've been open for four months and have being doing ok, but it's been really slow recently. When I walked in (around 7 PM), there were no customers and they seemed very excited to see someone walk in.

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It is a pretty nice dining room, though.

On Mazadar Kabob's website, it says: "Don't be surprised, if you planned on take-out and you ended up just staying." I can see why, because I think their dining room is a step up from pretty nice; it's one of the most appealing contemporary rooms in Fairfax (which, granted, isn't saying much).

Today I ordered a Bolanee Subzi ($4.99), and it was a wonderful little lunch. I have a preference for the otherworldly version at Bamian, mainly because Bamian's are clay-oven baked, and Mazadar's are pan-fried and a bit greasy. But the leeks were mustardy and pungent, and the yogurt dipping sauce was the perfect foil. Given that this is right next door to Saravana Palace, I wonder to myself which is the best restaurant in this strip mall (it certainly isn't Quiznos (which sadly has a Grand Opening sign up)).

Personally, I'll be back to explore more of Mazadar Kabob before I return to Saravana Palace, where I've been several times in the past.



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I live right around the corner from here, but I have not tried it yet. That is not to say that I didn't attempt to try it, I just didn't feel comfortable eating there after finishing up a five mile run and still in my running clothes. I expected a regular kabob place and walked into the freakin most expensive looking kabob place you could ever imagine. I even felt bad getting carry-out looking the way that I did. Good to know that it is worth going back to in more sophisticated attire.

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We ate at Mazadar Restaurant last night for the first time. The spouse and I split 2 appetizers and a main course. For appetizers, we ordered the Eggplant Dip, which was just OK (kind of bland, actually), and the Mantu (meat dumplings), which were excellent. The appetizers were served with one large fresh tandoori bread, thicker and more oblong than the naan at most kebab places. For the main course, we ordered the Vegetarian Combo (I think that's what it was called). It consisted of sauteed spinach, cubes of pumpkin with chiles and yogurt, and an eggplant dish that resembles baingan bharta, served with a mound of spiced basmati rice topped the sweetened carrot shreds and raisins. Everything tasted very fresh and was beautifully presented on modern dinnerware; service was friendly and efficient.

We will definitely go back.

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