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MIL's Birthday Dinner for Six People this Saturday


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So I was hoping after last night's happy hour, when I remembered how good their menu was, that I could get a reservation at Proof for my Mother in Law's birthday this Saturday... no such luck.

I need a place that is upscale, where we can do something festive afterwards, in DC or VA, you know family quality time and all that jazz. Six of us in all. They will eat lots of different cuisine, but nothing too weird, as they would say, nice wine list preferred.

They loved Central, we've done Tosca they loved that, they aren't huge into tapas so no Jaleo or Zatinya.

I thought about Brabo or Geranio in Old Town, but you never hear much about them. MIL really likes fish dishes too. I thought about Blacksalt, but it is nowhere near anything. Need to check out reviews of Bibiana. Anyone been to 701 since the reopen?

Any other suggestions? Price range about the same as the above mentioned places. Or thoughts on the above places?

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OpenTable shows that Teatro Goldoni can take a party of 6 at 7:30, 8:00, or 8:30 this Saturday, and you really can't do much better than Teatro Goldoni, especially since you've left it a bit late for a large-ish party. I'd snap it up if I were you. (Kinkead's could take a party of 6, but only at 9:30.)

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Oval Room has an ultra-late reservation. But I wouldn't rely on OpenTable since many restaurants don't list tables for groups that large.

I don't rely on open table, instead I call or have Amex platinum call. You can often get in places that Opentable.com says are booked.

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