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Murphy's Law, Tenleytown - Closed

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Tenleytown has been in desperate need of a bar since the closure of Babe's Billiards about 4 years ago. Murphy's Law is the latest restaurant/pub for the area, and while the decor leaves much to be desired, my guess is that it will be a welcome addition to AU students. The food was pretty good--my husband's Murphy Burger included a potato patty and rasher bacon. I had an Irish salad, which had a tart mustard cider dressing. The website is pretty basic and does not have a menu, but it does advertise daily drink specials: http://www.murphyslawdc.com/. Hope this place makes it.

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I've eaten here a couple times now and I'm quite pleased. I've had a very well prepared turkey burger (with a slice of granny smith apple) and the fish and chips. A friend ordered the shepherd's pie and said very good things, too.

Lots of beer on tap - Guinness, Smithwick's, Harp, Boddingtons.

All in all it's a nice neighborhood place -- good menu for kids, too.

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Where does one start with the only bar within reasonable walking distance from my apartment?

It's not overly attractive...the actual bar area in back sports classic faux Irish bar wood paneling and decor...then it seems that they lacked the funds to finish off the rest of the space, since it is comprised mostly of tables and chairs one associates with bad take out joints. Cozy the space is not. On tap they have the old standbys - Boddingtons, Guiness, Smithwicks etc. The bartender was friendly in an overly jocular loud manner.

I can walk there, it's a bar, and the fish and chips at least looked good...after one visit that's about all I can say about the place.

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