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Neramitra, Soony Dejavich's Thai on Crystal Drive in Crystal City By The Owners Of Sakoontra and Thai Farm

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Much maligned Crystal City needs some love in the Dining Guide. Neramitra qualifies, but only a little.

Our table started with Tofu Todd, with nicely fried tofu triangles that arrived right out of the fryer, along with a nice sweet-sour sauce for dipping. Then came my standard drunken noodles, which I ordered American spicy because I felt wimpish today, along with a vegetarian red curry and the Neramitra duck -- the latter being crispy duck stir-fired with garlic and basil. All dishes were very good, with fresh and crisp veggies and nice balance of savory-sweet-hot-sour, but all portions were small.

Neramitra stands out in an otherwise wasteland of Crystal City restaurants, but it is within a short walk of Kora....when in the neighborhood, Kora gets my first choice unless I have to have Thai.

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Neramitra is climbing up my Crystal City list. I had the Neramitra Chicken Wings and the Pad Kee Mow (Drunken Noodles) for lunch today. While the Chicken Wings were only above average -- nice taste, but sort of small and somewhat oily -- the Noodles were really good. This dish was an ample portion, larger than most dinner-sized versions I've had, and really loaded with chunks of chicken and beef ($2 extra for the combination). Flavors and textures were wonderful. I would order this dish again (and again).

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