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Boqueria Tapas Bar, a Local Chain in Several Manhattan Locations (also Washington, DC and Hong Kong)

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After a long day of black Friday shopping Momma and I slipped into Boqueria for some tapas and drinks. This place isn't very big and was quite full, but we managed to have the perfect timing to grab a table. The hostess checked our shopping bags for us which was nice.

We got a bottle of Valonga 2009, Chardonnay which was something Mom really liked, I wasn't as big of a fan, but was happy she was happy. We ordered a salad with blood oranges and grapefruit with a light vinagrette, chicken and blood sausage croquettes, lamb skewers and bread with tomato. The salad was really good, we had wanted something refreshing and this really was just that. The fruit was really ripe and had great flavors that went well with the other accompaniments of romaine and some sort of blue cheese and peanuts??? but it tasted very good. The lamb skewers were excellent, a little chew, but not abnormal for lamb and had great flavors. The croquettes were rich and almost creamy flavored inside, but with more of a shredded meat texture, I am not describing them in a very appealing way, they were a little strange, but good, I liked that they had interesting flavors. Mom and I both adored the simple but good bread with tomato. The flavor was just spot on a little salty, not too chewy, but just crusty enough with some small olives.

This was a great place for dinner after a long day where we could just eat a bit of this and a bit of that. We really enjoyed all the food.

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