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Whole Foods Living Social Voucher - How To "Claim" It?


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I have to "claim" this voucher by today, and I keep claiming it to no avail. I'm not near a printer, so I can't print it out. Does anyone know why Living Social keeps telling me I have to claim it? It doesn't say I have to "use" it; just that I have to "claim" it, whatever that means.

Ting Koo,


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Basically, it means using it at a whole foods (if I understand correctly). With this particular deal you don't need to use the entire amount by today's date, but you need to show someone at whole foods your LS coupon (I use their mobile app- no need to print anything out, coupons on my screen). I used the full amount in one purchase, but I guess they'd give you a gift card or something if you have any money remaining.

Calling customer service is also a good bet.

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