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South Street Under, Sandwiches and Pastries under Tuscarora Mill Restaurant, Leesburg, Va

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jchao and I moved to Leesburg in the last couple weeks so most of my posts these days will be about Loudoun.

A place it seems we will be visiting often is South Street Under. Thier hours kinda suck, they close at 6 on most days, and 4 on Sunday. They seem to be focused on lunch and breakfast.

At first glance they look like a local type Panera, Au Bon Pain, etc, etc. Which really they kind of are. But their stuff is actually good, and the ciabatta is actually pretty freaking awesome. I usually don't care for ciabatta but it's darn good/addicting. To this point I've only had the breakfast sandwich, egg, sausage, and cheese on ciabatta, and a tarragon chicken salad on ciabatta for lunch. Both were very good.

So if you are in Leesburg for a very casual meal, breakfast or lunch, check out South Street Under.

Note 1: It seems to be a stop off the W&OD trail, there were a dozen bicyclists in there during breakfast.

Note 2: Nice outdoor patio area, though not as usuful in the winter.

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You're already in the dining guide, pop. Keep 'em coming, please! Kibbee Nayeh singlehandedly turned Springfield into a major part of the Virginia Dining Guide; Leesburg deserves every bit as much attention. Years ago, dinwiddie did the same thing with Olney, and at first I was like, hey, WTF, out of proportion; now, I cherish every post he made.

Chef Ingrid is quite active here - if you go to Lightfoot, tell her hello from all of us!

Man, it is SO satisfying supporting "smaller" towns, burbs, and hamlets. I can't tell you how much I love it.

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Thanks Don. I'm glad you recognize that some of us are passionate about the places to eat where we live. As much as I love coming downtown to dine (well since I commute in every day for work, I don't love the coming downtown again part) normally my wife and I eat at restaurants near where we live. There are lots of "outside the beltway" communities where some very good chefs are setting up shop. We want everyone to know about the good places to eat where we live in case you ever happen to be out our way and hopefully can convince you that a trip may just be worth it. I certainly look to this board to see what is available and recommended when I know that I'm going to be somewhere I'm not normally when it comes time to eat.

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