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Whipped cream from a can


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For some reason, my brain seems to think that the aerosol whipped cream from Trader Joe's (their label) wasn't too bad. If I buy the canned, I try to buy the one with the least artificial bits in the ingredients list, and I want to say TJ's was like that.

I suppose the ultimate is liquid cream in a nitrous charger, but if not, try to aim for close to this canned whipped cream which has, as ingredients:

Ingredients: Organic cream, organic nonfat milk, organic cane sugar, organic vanilla flavor, sorbitan monostearate, carrageenan, dextrose, and nitrous oxide as propellant Contains: Milk

I think that might be as good as you can get. There always seems to be carrageenan (for stability/viscosity, I think) and sorbitan as a emulsifier.

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In a moment of weakness and laziness I went over to the canned whipped cream at my local SFW, but after reading the labels of ReddiWhip and the store brand the horror (the horror! . . . the horror!) propelled me to get a good ol' carton of heavy duty . . . at half the price and whip it good myself.

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